Give Light

Bring Ismael Home is our mission here at Free The Captive. More than anything we want to bring Ismael’s children home where they can share in our inheritance and escape the darkness. Gifting them a Bible is a great first step.

Give Light is really a very simple mission; providing a Muslim with a New Testament Bible in English and Arabic at no cost to them. This is a tremendous opportunity for you to be able to personally impact the life and soul of a Muslim here in the USA. We then want to stay in contact and follow up with them on their journey and connect them with a local Church and clergy member to help them in person.

Growing up in Islam our founder, Farrah, was taught like many other Muslims that Christians believe that the Trinity is God the Father who married The Virgin Mother and they together produced Jesus. This is one of the many astronomical lies that we can combat by simply providing with The Truth through the beautiful gift of a Bible.

We have 23 Bibles that are ready to be sponsored and we can’t wait to start sending them out. If you would like to sponsor one and send it out to a specific Muslim you know as an anonymous gift, please e-mail after putting in your order.  We will make sure that the gift is completely anonymous.

We would also love for you to include a letter or a couple of lines of encouragement to the receiver of your gift!

Gifting a Muslim with a bible is a way to The Light! This New Testament bible provides The Word in both English and Arabic. There is no stronger truth or sharper tool to use to save the soul.

Our Support will not stop with providing the Bible! Farrah will make herself personally available to answer questions and connect them with local contacts to include churches and clergy who will help them on their journey.