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Give Light Bible

Give Light is an amazing mission carried out by Free The Captive. Learn more now!

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Product Description

Give Light is really a very simple mission; providing a Muslim with a New Testament Bible in English and Arabic at no cost to them. This is a tremendous opportunity for you to be able to personally impact the life and soul of a Muslim here in the USA. We then want to stay in contact and follow up with them on their journey and connect them with a local Church and clergy member to help them in person.

We would love for you to include a letter or a couple of lines of encouragement to the receiver of your gift!

If you would like to sponsor one and send it out to a specific Muslim you know as an anonymous gift, please e-mail Farrah@FreeTheCaptive.org after putting in your order.  We will make sure that the gift is completely anonymous.

the Bible: Arabic and English New Testament, Parallel. Green Paperback with Gold print. King James Version/Van Dyck Version. Farrah was able to secure 23 copies at a discounted rate due to some scuffing on the cover.

If you would like to purchase these for your personal use or to give out yourself, please email Farrah at Farrah@FreeTheCaptive.org.


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